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     The style of this promotional postcard indicates it dates from the mid to late 30s.
       February 2008:   "Bert Lynn fronted the CBS Electric Orchestra in the late 1930ís. The Vibrolynn was a modified Rickenbacher Electro A-25 Hawaiian Steel Guitar developed in Los Angeles 1931-2 by George Beauchamp.  Except for the strange diamond shape body which has no effect on the sound, the instrument is the same.  Bert Lynn also used a pedal-operated potentiometer to alter tone and/or volume.  Basically, the Vibrolynn is an electric slide guitar."

Our thanks to Eric Cale of the Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum for this generous information. 


The jazzitha was a "beautiful premium" for selling 18 boxes of chocolates.

      January 2001: The Jazzitha does not appear to be such a rarity. Since posting this inquiry in 1999 several have turned up for auction on-line. It was made by Bee Jay Products Company of Long Island City, New York and advertised as a one-string Hawaiian guitar.  It measured about 20 inches in length, used a single mandolin "E" string, and came with 'play by numbers' sheet music for "The Bowery,"  "My Old Kentucky Home," and "The Sidewalks of New York." 


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