Selected articles and essays by Hal Rammel

“Tendrils & Their Shadows” Introductory essay to a collection of photographs of wild grape vine tendrils in morning winter light, 2019.

"Unsilvered Glass."  Introductory essay to Unsilvered Glass: Twelve Cameraless Photographs. Grafton: Penumbra Music & Books, 2017.

""Aero Through the Ages."    Introductory essay to a retrospective catalog of cartoons and comix by Hal Rammel titled Aero Through the Ages.  Chicago: Corbett vs. Dempsey, 2009. 

"On the Amplified Palette."    September 2008.  Published online in the Sweet Pea Review, edited by Justin Kau. 

"Invention's Perspective on Improvisation."   Revised and included as an insert in the Penumbra Music 7" Song of the Interocyter (2007), a recording dedicated to Hugh Davies. 

"Sun Ra: Strings, Strange & Stranger."   Strange Strings  (Atavistic UMS/ALP263CD).  Chicago: Atavistic Records, 2007.  Booklet essay for CD releaseof  Sun Ra's 1966 Saturn LP, reissued in Atavisticís Unheard Music Series. 

"Listening to Hugh Davies: 1943-2005."    Originally published online on the European  Free Improvisation website on the occasion of the passing of instrument inventor and author Hugh Davies, January 2005. 

"Beacon and Storm: the Art of Tristan Meinecke."    Catalog essay for exhibition Tristan Meinecke: Heterogeneous Icons, 1935-2000, co-curated with John Corbett.  Gallery 1926: Chicago, Illinois. August 2003. 

"The Music of Lucia Dlugoszewski."    Lucia Dlugoszewski: Disparate Stairway Radical Other (CRI 859).  New York: Composers Recordings, Inc., 2002.  Booklet essay for CD reissue of recorded works by Lucia Dlugoszewski. 

"White Earth Streak."    White Earth Streak 1981/83 (Atavistic UMS/ALP228CD).  Chicago: Atavistic Records, 2002.  Booklet essay for CD reissue of recordings by Gunter Christmann, Torsten Muller, Davey Williams, and LaDonna Smith along with the CD reissue of Song of an Aeropteryx , published in Atavisticís Unheard Music Series. 

"Invention's Perspective on Improvisation."    Rubberneck, No. 22 (June 1996), pp. 26-31. 

"Beyond Music: a Brief Historical Survey of Music and Surrealism."   Sounding Off!  Edited by Ron Sakolsky and Fred Wei-Han Ho.  New York: Autonomedia, 1995. 

"Grant C. Haium's Alfalfa Viola."    Experimental Musical Instruments, Vol. X, No. 3  (March 1995). 

"Down from the Sound Up: Improvisation and Desire."  the improvisor, Vol. 10 (1993). 

"The Devilís Fiddle: Past and Present."  Experimental Musical Instruments, Vol. VII, No. 3 & 4  (November 1991 & January 1992). 

"The Piatarbajo: Its History and Development."   Experimental Musical Instruments, Vol. V, No. 2 (August 1989). 

"The Triolin."    Experimental Musical Instruments, Vol. III, No. 4  (December 1987). 

Nowhere in America: The Big Rock Candy Mountain and other Comic Utopias.  Champaign: University of Illinois Press, 1990. 

"Archives of the Night: The Life and Work of Wisconsin Visionary Painter Eugene von Breunchenheim."   Arsenal 4.  Chicago: Black Swan Press, 1988. 

"Dandruff in the Long Hair of Music: The Life and Music of Spike Jones."  Free Spirits: Annals of the Insurgent Imagination.  San Francisco: City Lights Press, 1978.